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By Lee Tolliver The Virginian-Pilot © September 6, 2012 VIRGINIA BEACH Most anglers looking to score an offshore billfishing “grand slam” head to exotic locales such as Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica or Cabo San Lucas – places that require extensive travel and fat wallets. They would be better suited to head to Virginia Beach, whereContinue reading “HOME » SPORTS » OUTDOORS Billfish action is slammin’ in Virginia Beach”

One Angler Lands Record Black Marlin and Pacific Bluefin Tuna in New Zealand

I’m not sure there has ever been a trip like this in the history of big game fishing. Nathan Adams and his friends were out on his boat in the New Zealand waters when the hauled in two record-sized fish, and several other prize fish. The first confirmed record is a nearly 790-pound black marlinContinue reading “One Angler Lands Record Black Marlin and Pacific Bluefin Tuna in New Zealand”

2012 Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout Artificial Final Results

img title=”2012_First-Place_Artificial1-1024×746.gif” class=”alignnone” alt=”image” src=”https://bigboyfishing.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/wpid-2012_first-place_artificial1-1024×746.gif” / 2012 1st Place Winners in the Artificial Category, Fishing Fever II bringing in a combined weight of their top three fish of 128.30. Total Payout: $49,745!!! ARTIFICIAL CATEGORY WINNERS 1st: Fishing Fever II, $49,745.00, 128.30 lbs. 2nd: Mackenzie Rae Fish Bomb II, $17,231.60, 125.20 lbs. 3rd: Fin Finder II,Continue reading “2012 Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout Artificial Final Results”

2012 Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout Day 1 Results

Leaders so far: Artificial: Absolute Pleasure 1 109.85, Hot Rod Fishing Team 1: 104.35, Right Hook 1: 101.00, Stoney’s Kingfisher 1: 100.60, Game On 1: 100.45, Pit Crew: 97.00, Maddie Jane 1: 96.65 Live: Max King’s Marine 1: 100.65 Tuna: Pimpfish Pirates: 265 lbs http://www.midatlanticrockfishshootout.com/

Ex-Va. Beach man gets 1st blue marlin catch, release on Reel Escape Charters

Ed Gresham always has high hopes when he comes to Virginia Beach or the Outer Banks. As a former Beach resident, he knows what kind of fishing area waters have to offer. He just didn’t think this early in the season could be the time one of his trips would result in his first blueContinue reading “Ex-Va. Beach man gets 1st blue marlin catch, release on Reel Escape Charters”

Big Friday on Midnight Sun Charter!!

We’ve had springs where we’ve caught more fish, but I don’t remember a spring where caught as big of fish as we’ve seen this spring.  Forty inch plus fish everyday, it’s been unbelievable. I’m telling you, they’re all pretty fish. Here’s Brian Branson with the toby of the day, and forty-six inch plus Hawg. ThreeContinue reading “Big Friday on Midnight Sun Charter!!”

Heritage Fishing with Captain David Fisher

Kemp Lear and the family came aboard the “HERITAGE” on Sunday and as always this brought top notch fishing with them.  Beautiful weather and fishing conditions for some of the nicest people I carry fishing.  Mrs. Lear is in her mid 80’s and still the first person down the hill and on the boat….Amazing.  WeContinue reading “Heritage Fishing with Captain David Fisher”

Team Right Hook makes it on the Sea Tow Board at the 2011 MSSA Championship on The Chesapeake

Congratulations to Captain Sammy Fisher and Team Right Hook for their 4th & 6th place Rockfish for the Sea Tow award this weekend. The fish were 31.90 lbs on Friday and 30.60 on Sunday. They accomplished over 60 plus releases which gives them a great shot on winning the Catch & Release Division! 

State Record Rockfish @ The Richmond Fish Expo

Just heard that the State Rockfish will be on Display @ The Richmond Fish Expo between 10:00am-4:00pm this afternoon. Below are the details:   Everyone that lives near richmond and would like to see the NEW pending state record striped bass. The fish will be on display at The Richmond Fishing Expo from 10 amContinue reading “State Record Rockfish @ The Richmond Fish Expo”