Reggie Fountain Announces RF Powerboats


o follow up on the announcement from Reggie Fountain—the founder and recently resigned chief operating officer of Fountain Powerboats in Washington, N.C.—that he was starting RF Powerboats, Powerboat’s Editor at Large Matt Trulio contacted Fountain by phone on Wednesday. He agreed to speak with Trulio, who writes a blog on, with the understanding that we would hold the interview until today.










Here’s what Fountain had to say:

So what is RF Powerboats?

RF Powerboats is Real Fast Powerboats. Right now, I can’t legally use Reggie Fountain as a name for a boat company, though it may eventually become known as that.

What are your plans?

We are going to be heavy into service, heavy into brokerage of boats and heavy into building boats. My first two boats will be a 43-foot sport boat, a greatly enhanced and up-tuned version of my 42 but just a hair larger, and a 39-foot center console, which will be an upgraded and up-tuned version of my 38. I haven’t upgraded the styling of either of those boats since 2004.

My third boat will be a 32-foot center console. I also plan on producing two cruisers—a 40-footer and a 50-footer. We have six boats sold so far.

Reggie Fountain Announces RF Powerboats

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One thought on “Reggie Fountain Announces RF Powerboats

  1. im looking to speak or email reggie fountain im looking to find out if there is the remote shot at employment with his company, i own a 2300 chaparral, ive always always wanted even the smallest fountain power boat, i faced it along long time ago, that fountain was way out of my price range, if i had a chance at building the most impressive boat in my world i might somday be able to afford one of these awesome boats that ever floated on water. id like for nothing more then reggie to get ahold of my boat and work his magic, ill never be able to afford one of his boats but if i could get the legend to work with me on mine, it would just be incrediable. if someone gets this email please please either forward it on to reggie fountain and or email me with a contact email i could emial him peronally. i would want nothing more in life then to work for the legends in power boat manufactuering, please do not discard my mail. thanks so very much
    steve debo
    937 562 1501 please call with the remotes chance at either workin with him, building some of the finest boats ever.


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