NCDMF tags more than 1,000 ocean stripers to study migration

CRFL money funds study of declining population of rockfish – See more at: Rob Alderman 19 hours ago I recently had the opportunity to go on a couple of the 10 fishing trips that are part of a program funded by sales of North Carolina’s Coastal Recreational Fishing License to catch and tag coastalContinue reading “NCDMF tags more than 1,000 ocean stripers to study migration”

Midnight Sun W.W. Enroughty Trip

When we cleared Smith Point Jetties this morning with Berkley and Tommy Mitchell and their crew of anglers, I was looking out at a calm bay, and I knew an already great day was just going to get better; it doesn’t hurt when you catch a limit of fish before you get all of yourContinue reading “Midnight Sun W.W. Enroughty Trip”

Big Friday on Midnight Sun Charter!!

We’ve had springs where we’ve caught more fish, but I don’t remember a spring where caught as big of fish as we’ve seen this spring.  Forty inch plus fish everyday, it’s been unbelievable. I’m telling you, they’re all pretty fish. Here’s Brian Branson with the toby of the day, and forty-six inch plus Hawg. ThreeContinue reading “Big Friday on Midnight Sun Charter!!”