Virginia and feds clash over oyster restoration

  Joe Fudge, Daily Press file photo State and federal officials are at loggerheads over how to restore oysters in the Chesapeake Bay. In one corner is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which favors building large-scale oyster reefs that are off-limits to the commercial fishing industry. In the other is the Virginia Marine ResourcesContinue reading “Virginia and feds clash over oyster restoration”

Va. oyster legislation creating waves

  Tim McCulloch wants you to know that this story isn’t just about two rich neighbors feuding. It’s about a clash that launched a bill that, if passed as proposed in Richmond, could affect a whole lot of waterfront property — which, frankly, could lead to a bunch of rich neighbors feuding. The bill isContinue reading “Va. oyster legislation creating waves”

Chesapeake Bay’s pioneering oyster farmers

  For those who love oysters – and if we want to save the Chesapeake Bay, we should all care about these shellfish with their gooey grey insides – the Bay Journal has published a terrific series about the push to bring them back by “farming” them. Time was when folks the world over associatedContinue reading “Chesapeake Bay’s pioneering oyster farmers”