Hurricane Irene caused $500 million in boating damage.

Hurricane Irene likely caused an estimated $500 million in damage to boats, according to Jim Holler, senior vice president of underwriting for BoatUS. That figure, he said, does not include damage to boating facilities, and includes all boats, whether insured or not, in all states affected by the storm. What made Irene so powerful, heContinue reading “Hurricane Irene caused $500 million in boating damage.”

Rising waters threaten the coast of North Carolina

  By Bruce You’re in a part of the world where too much water is just as much a problem as too little water,” said Rodney Woolard of the federal Natural Resources Conservation Service. After decades of battling floods and saltwater creeping up its network of drainage ditches, Swan Quarter won a $5.2 millionContinue reading “Rising waters threaten the coast of North Carolina”