Marlin Bait Ball Video from the 2013 Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament

This underwater Marlin Cutter Video was taken during the VBBT. Blake Michael jumps off the Evelyn Kennedy with a IPhone in a Lifeproof Cases to capture this Video. What a Great Job Blake!! Had. Great Time at the Tournament!

Extreme How-To Skills – How to Catch a 1,000 Pound Fish

  Charlie Levine, former Senior Editor of Marlin Magazine, has chased all sorts of big-game fish up and down the East Coast, Mexico, Caribbean and beyond. “Anyone can do it,” Levine says. “You don’t need to be a huge dude to catch a giant fish. I’ve seen 90-pound girls do it and elderly people, too.Continue reading “Extreme How-To Skills – How to Catch a 1,000 Pound Fish”

Max King’s ASA 61.5lb Rockfish Cleaning Party

      This video shows how to measure the proper length and girth of the fish for estimated weight. Use the conversion chart link below to check against the actual weight of the fish: Saltwater Fish Weights Freshwater Fish Weights   Also, this video will show what the fish has eaten over the past fewContinue reading “Max King’s ASA 61.5lb Rockfish Cleaning Party”