Marlin Magazine: The Biggest Marlin Ever Caught

While there have been bigger marlin landed commercially and by recreational anglers not in accordance with IGFA rules, pictured below are the leading big fish, officially speaking. These are the certified all-tackle world records for black, Atlantic and Pacific blue, striped and white marlin. They represent the ultimate benchmarks for anglers chasing the world’s biggestContinue reading “Marlin Magazine: The Biggest Marlin Ever Caught”

Extreme How-To Skills – How to Catch a 1,000 Pound Fish

  Charlie Levine, former Senior Editor of Marlin Magazine, has chased all sorts of big-game fish up and down the East Coast, Mexico, Caribbean and beyond. “Anyone can do it,” Levine says. “You don’t need to be a huge dude to catch a giant fish. I’ve seen 90-pound girls do it and elderly people, too.Continue reading “Extreme How-To Skills – How to Catch a 1,000 Pound Fish”

Should marlin be Catch & Release only?

  THE continued slaughter of marlin by the long line fleet is creating a lot of anger and disappointment in rec fishing circles. The vast majority of Aussie sport and gamefishermen are vehemently opposed to the commercial exploitation of iconic gamefish like marlin – turning these majestic fish into sushi is not sustainable, nor doesContinue reading “Should marlin be Catch & Release only?”