Viking 55402, hull number two in the new 55 series has jumped into the production line and a ground swell of activity has begun in anticipation of its July delivery date. In this first mechanical and electrical stage, wiring is installed for standard and optional equipment, as well as the running gear. Tankage, engines, the generator and other mechanical equipment will quickly follow.




Step This Way


Viking offers a custom fiberglass staircase from the mezzanine deck to the flying bridge on our convertibles 50 feet and above. Here just ahead of 55402 is another 66 Convertible, 66311 with the staircase installed in place of the standard anodized aluminum ladder.

Time to Suit Up, Viking Fans


With spring a few weeks away, time is ripe to begin adding to your Viking wardrobe, so here is your chance to win a nifty Viking tee-shirt by being the first person to correctly identify this mystery Viking part. Please send your answer to A runner-up winner will be chosen at random so hurry because this means you have two chances to win!



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