Cleaning up our rivers and bay is Virginia’s responsibility


Some are concerned about the cost to clean up our rivers and the Bay, and in some cases have conflated spending on current or already planned projects with those needed for Bay cleanup, perhaps intentionally exaggerating the expense. Regardless, Congress has acknowledged cost concerns and is now considering the Chesapeake Clean Water Act, which would authorize more than $2 billion to help localities and farmers reduce their pollution to meet clean water standards. Yet the very groups complaining the loudest about feared costs — local governments and farmers — steadfastly oppose the legislation. They can’t have it both ways.

Complaining and saying no isn’t good enough. Overwhelming majorities of Virginians of every political, cultural, and geographic stripe want clean rivers and a healthy Chesapeake Bay. They also want Virginia’s leaders to stop delaying and get on with the business of providing clean water. It’s time to do just that.

Cleaning up our rivers and bay is Virginia’s responsibility

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