Margaret O’Brien at Jingle’s Bait and Tackle Shop in North Beach Haven said bunker are moving around the point at Holgate on the south end of Long Beach Island close enough for surfcasters to snag them.

The beach-buggy contingent there hooked them up live and picked off stripers and bluefish. O’Brien said it started Sunday and continued Monday morning.

Don Allen Jr. of Sewell brought in a 25-pound, 4-ounce bass from Holgate on Monday morning. Allen was one of two surfcasters trapped on the beach at Holgate for 14 hours last week when high tides cut them off. O’Brien said they shared and made six cigarettes last the entire time.

Raymond Sullivan, the Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic leader with a 56.7-pound striper, weighed a 14-pound bass. But O’Brien said he is not allowed to get his photo taken until he tops the big bass.

Shep on Fishing: Surfcasters catching bunker at south end of Long Beach Island –

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