Viking Yachts: A 50 Year Entrepreneurial Success Story on Step UP & Play Big

This week is a very special show with great learning opportunities to help you grow your business to new heights. Join Chris and his guest, Patrick Healey, President and CEO of the New Gretna, NJ based Viking Yacht Company – the world’s # 1 sport fishing yacht company.
Listen in as Chris and Pat discuss what has made Viking Yachts a 50 year success story through the good times as well as the tough times. Learn the company’s history and what has made Viking a great company.
Viking VP
 Step Up and Play BIg

Chris and Pat will discuss in detail who buys a Viking and why and how the company’s laser-like focus on their customers has been the foundation of its success. Viking is a second (approaching third) generation company and they treat their customers like extended family. If you are an entrepreneur looking for some tangible success tips, you will want to join Chris and Pat on Wednesday.

Click on the link below to hear the interview:

Interview with Pat Healey of Viking Yachts

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 

The old plant at Viking Yachts
As we approach Viking Yacht’s 50th Anniversary what better time to reflect on how a small boat builder set a goal to build a better boat every day. In pursuit of its mission, Viking not only realized its goal but overcame every obstacle in its path to become the world’s largest manufacturer of luxury convertible sportfishing yachts.

Starting out with a fleet of plank on frame wood boats in 1964, Viking may have been a late arrival in New Jersey’s boat building scene, but with every boat built, the Viking team became stronger and better known throughout the industry.



Building a better boat meant understanding every facet of the process.

Here, co-founder, Bill Healey (right) takes time to point out the hull running surface and rudder details to Boating magazine’s legendary editor, Hank Bowman (left).


Today, Viking stands in no one’s shadow and from its humble beginnings leads the industry in design, manufacturing and performance.


With 15 models now in our product line, the next best thing is already in progress.  Our new 92 Convertiblelaunches late summer 2014.


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