RE: My post on the IDEA League & many thanks!!!!


Thanks David and Max and everyone involved.  My wife has taught and spent time with this special little girl, so this really hits home.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, make more people aware of her problems.  David, you and Max our true winners in my opinion, and this is just one of many examples.  Thanks.

Ryan Rogers


make you smile with a tear in your eye!

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Subject: My post on the IDEA League & many thanks!!!!

We just wanted to let you know what we posted on the IDEA League website for all the members to see.  I hope you don’t mind.  So far this morning we have received many positive responses with thanks directly to you from as far away as Australia and the UK!!
Words can not accurately thank you for what you have done for us and the IDEA League!!
What a surprise we had today!
We have a friend and neighbor, David Nova, who is a professional salt-water fisherman (Atlantic Coast) sponsored by Fountain Boats. He was so involved and touched by the Giving Challenge. He would literally call my husband, Bobby, three times a day to inform him where IDEA League was in the standings. Well, he took it upon himself to raise more awareness for the IDEA League. After the Giving Challenge ended his cousin’s wife wanted to know if I would mind Haley’s picture being used in some national and possible international fund raising. I guessed that David was involved in that somehow and Bobby and I thought maybe he was planning a fishing tournament… Never in our wildest dreams did we think this is what he was up to!! He got the IDEA League Logo from Joan and added Haley’s picture and now she will get to go fishing with him on every tournament! She loves to fish! He has left the logo with the Fountain Boat shop so that any other fisherman can include it on their boat wraps as well. He told me today there is another captain who he believes is going to do it. David earned close to $100,000 in one tournament last year. (Now before you all go and quit your day jobs…I can’t tell you how many times he goes out and doesn’t win that big…) Anyway, there is a lot of money these guys win and they can’t keep it all…they need to donate to charity. So why not ours!! He is hoping by seeing the logo and Haley on his boat the other captains will ask and want to donate to our cause…oh, pass the Kleenex!! Believe me we have been using them today! As you can see in the pictures the boat can be trailered…so it will be like a traveling billboard too!!
The best part about this was driving the kids past the boat this morning. I stopped so Haley could see it and asked her, "Who is on the boat?" And she said, "Me"…doesn’t sound so big, but in the past …and even later in the day, when you would ask that she would say, "Haley"…not me. So it was very encouraging.
I am again touched by the generosity of others. You never know who you know and what they are capable of doing when they hear your individual story! This is just another way my family has been blessed by the Giving Challenge.
Love you all,
Bobby, Lisa, Haley, Peyton and Parker

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