– From the 29th annual Eastern Shore Marlin Club Billfish Release Tournament held out of Wachapreague:

1. Katherine Jeanene with Capt. Paul Eberts; 2. Fish Hunter with Capt. Wil Atkinson; 3. Bluefin, captain not provided. Biggest dolphin – 29.8 pounds, caught by Rob Peuse on Bite Me. Biggest wahoo – 39.2 pounds, caught by Greg Breuker on Reelentless. Biggest tuna – 65.8 pounds, caught by Greg Ford on the White Bite.

– From the 14th annual Virginia Beach Invitational Marlin Tournament held out of Fisherman’s Wharf Marina in Rudee Inlet,

1. Waterman with Capt. Mike Standing, 10 white marlin; 2. Sniper with Capt. Jim Bayne, 8 white marlin; 3. Alexis with Capt. Andy Morris, 7 white marlin.

Meatfish division – 1. Canyon Express with Capt. Greg Span; 2. Betty Ann with Capta. Carl Beale; 3. Special D with Capt. Harvey Shiflet.

At last, scales tip toward bighead team | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com

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