EPA increases ethanol levels in fuel standard | Trade Only Today

The Environmental Protection Agency finalized renewable fuel standards through 2016, angering the ethanol industry but still increasing ethanol requirements and effectively breaking the so-called blend wall. The blend wall is the term given to the amount of ethanol in the overall fuel supply that the engine fleet can tolerate without damage, which most industries believeContinue reading “EPA increases ethanol levels in fuel standard | Trade Only Today”

Outboard Engine Ethanol Protection

Three tips for protecting your boat from E10 gasoline. By Charles Plueddeman Posted Yesterday at 9:07am  7 Let’s assume the adventure you have been planning does not include the episode where your boat is bobbing dead in the water while you troubleshoot a tank full of crappy gas. Here’s how to avoid that scenario. Ethanol remains the leadingContinue reading “Outboard Engine Ethanol Protection”