Angler says it wasn’t hard to document illegal rockfish charters

Jim Price saw first hand how charter boats out of Virginia Beach and North Carolina illegally fish for striped bass in federal waters each winter. Price, a former charter captain and waterman, told law enforcement officers this week that he was a paying customer aboard two such boats just last month. One of his tripsContinue reading “Angler says it wasn’t hard to document illegal rockfish charters”

Efforts To Open Rock Fishery Off Coast

  A petition drive is underway, led by a grassroots recreational fishermen’s organization based in the resort area, to urge the government to reverse a decades-old moratorium on fishing for striped bass in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), a 200-mile swath of open ocean just outside the state’s three-mile band closest to the shoreline.Let UsContinue reading “Efforts To Open Rock Fishery Off Coast”