More Menhaden Than Expected

By PAMELA D’ANGELO Atlantic Menhaden, the tiny fish that, two years ago, created big trouble between Chesapeake Bay environmentalists and commercial fishermen, is surfacing once more. Scientists have found new data that may prove there’s more of the fish than once thought. Atlantic Menhaden. Photo by Flickr user Brian Gratwicke. Credit Menhaden is eatenContinue reading “More Menhaden Than Expected”

Taking the Long View The Fall & Rise & Fall of Stripers & a Lot of Less-famous Fish

DON’T CALL HIM ISHMAEL. You’d never find Bob Wood in a Herman Melville novel. There’s no damp, drizzly November of the soul that would send him out to sea in search of a Moby Dick or even a menhaden. Wood did his boat time during graduate school: day-long cruises on the Chesapeake Bay, dragging fishContinue reading “Taking the Long View The Fall & Rise & Fall of Stripers & a Lot of Less-famous Fish”

2 boats collide in the Gulf of Mexico, 3 missing

  (AP) – 1 hour ago   GULFPORT, Miss. (AP) — The Coast Guard is searching for three people Thursday after two boats collided in the Gulf of Mexico off the Mississippi coast. Lt. Junior Grade Israel Parker said the Eurus London, a 660-foot commercial cargo boat, and the Sandy Point, a 163-foot fishing boat,Continue reading “2 boats collide in the Gulf of Mexico, 3 missing”

Menhaden restrictions crucial to Chesapeake ecosystem

    The small, oily menhaden is known as “the most important fish in the sea” because it forms the basis of the Atlantic marine food chain. You will not see menhaden at your grocery store, but it is present in the flesh of dozens of fish species that we catch and eat. Many highlyContinue reading “Menhaden restrictions crucial to Chesapeake ecosystem”

Virginia fish management bill dies in committee

  A bill to shift management of a small but important Chesapeake Bay fish from the Virginia General Assembly to a state regulatory agency died in committee on Monday. The legislation was the final of several proposals to regulate a menhaden fishery that once operated from Maine to Florida but is now reduced to oneContinue reading “Virginia fish management bill dies in committee”

Lawmakers drop bills on menhaden fishing –

  Four Republican delegates have dropped their bills to restrict menhaden fishing after Sen. Richard Stuart promised to request a study on the fishery from the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Stuart, R-Stafford, has recently been appointed as Virginia’s legislative representative to the ASMFC. Menhaden fishing has long been a contentious issue in Richmond, asContinue reading “Lawmakers drop bills on menhaden fishing –”