Price Reduction: Corsair 25 $47,777.00

Bred with the advantage of superior engineering and space-age materials the Corsair Power Boat stands above all others in its class. And, the Corsair’s prominence in power boating can be attributed to the uncompromising attitude towards excellence by each and every craftsman involved in the production of this extraordinary power boat. From the glistening finish of the hand-rubbed fiberglass hull to the meticulous detailing of the elegant yet rugged upholstery, the Corsair’s structural strength and lavish good looks promise an adventure. But, like most of the best things in life, much of the beauty of the Corsair lies beneath the surface. Unlike almost every other boat in its class the Corsair is truly an all fiberglass power boat. Designed to be as maintenance free as it it is beautiful the Corsair proudly boasts a specially designed Airex cored hull that achieves the absolute ultimate in both strength an security. Faster and more fuel efficient than ordinary fiberglass construction the Corsair will plane quicker at a lower speed, will maintain a plane longer and will require less fuel to get her up on plane.

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