New Fountain CEO strives for excellence


Fountain Powerboats has a newly appointed president and chief executive officer that looks forward to the future of the direction he wants the company to go in.
John E. Walker is the new president and CEO of Fountain and three other boat companies — Pro-Line, Donzi and Baja.
However, Walker said he knows he will never be able to replace Reggie Fountain, former president and CEO of Fountain.
“The man is an icon,” he said. “He’s been with the company since its inception, and I can well appreciate how difficult it is to see someone else have control over parts or pieces of something you worked so hard to create. Reggie’s always been the guy in control over every aspect of this company.”

Walker added with the transition by bringing Donzi to Washington, Fountain did not agree with certain things and decided to step down as the president.
“It’s hard to take and unfortunate, as we would’ve liked him to stay,” he said. “Boat shows, boating venues and boat races are something that Reggie does better than anybody.”
Walker is constantly out on the floor with the employees of Fountain Powerboats, making sure things are in a constant state of progression.
“When we moved the product up here from Florida was no real problem,” Walker said, who has been with Pro-Line for 20 years.
Walker, who said he is no more than just a boat builder who loves what he does, said he will continue to implement the hard work and determination to be No. 1 that Fountain is known for.

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