NJ Fisherman catches not only fish, but rod


I hear stories every once in a while about someone fishing and latching onto a fishing rod that another angler has dropped overboard. I just heard a story about a fisherman not only reeling in a rod, but a fish on the end of the line, too.

Ted Moore sent me a message telling me about fishing in a boat a week ago last Saturday with a couple of friends about a quarter mile off Beach Haven. After catching some 15-pound bluefish, he and his friend Dave both felt they had a fish on at the same time. It turned out they were snagged on another line.

As they pulled in that line, they could feel a fish fighting on the end. There also seemed to be a dead weight on the other end of the line. Ted pulled in the dead weight first to find a 9-foot surf rod and reel.

They tried reeling in the line on the surf rod and brought in a tired 25-pound striped bass. Once they got in from the trip, they dropped the rod and reel off at a tackle shop to be serviced, and cleaned the fish to eat.

Ted told me that if the owner of the rod and reel can identify it, he will gladly return it. The fish is another matter, however, as it has already been eaten. He can be reached at 610-809-0871.

Fisherman catches not only fish, but rod | APP.com | Asbury Park Press

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