Last pole-driven river ferry may close in Virginia

For more than 130 years, ferrymen have jammed poles into the James River’s gravelly shallows to push the Hatton Ferry slowly across to other side. The unique calling now may be days from extinction: America’s last known hand-poled ferry is a casualty of ebbing state finances and politics.   Maritime news, commercial marine directory andContinue reading “Last pole-driven river ferry may close in Virginia”

Sea Creature wins 51st Big Rock

  Winning the 51st Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament wasn’t just a figment of Steve Coulter’s imagination.The Hatteras-based captain of the Sea Creature motored to the Big Rock scales Saturday with a 466-pound blue marlin to score a final-day victory and win $746,820 from the tournament’s $1,752,366 purse. The Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament

Fishing forecast for June 11 – 17 | Hampton Roads

It is rare to find a bottom-bouncing angler who has not encountered a dogfish shark. To most serious bottom fishermen, smooth and spiny dogfish are a nuisance. But they also can be a serious problem, especially when fishing for drum in the Chesapeake Bay, or for grouper and tilefish along the edges of the NorfolkContinue reading “Fishing forecast for June 11 – 17 | Hampton Roads”

Seafood Wholesaler and Owner Plead Guilty to Conspiracy in the Illegal Harvesting of Rockfish

Golden Eye Seafood LLC and owner, Robert Lumpkins of St. Mary’s County, Md., pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to and violating the Lacey Act, by falsely recording the amount and weight of striped bass, also known as rockfish, that were harvested by local fisherman and checked-in through Golden Eye from 2003 to 2007, announced UnitedContinue reading “Seafood Wholesaler and Owner Plead Guilty to Conspiracy in the Illegal Harvesting of Rockfish”

Fishing around: Handle stripers with care

  It said that while about 300,000 striped bass are harvested each year in Massachusetts, an additional 500,000 are released and then die from handling-stress and injuries. I was staggered. Gobsmacked as the Irish say. Half a million? That’s a lot of dead fish. Fishing around: Handle stripers with care |

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament

It’s no figment of your imagination … after three days the 51st annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament has a leader!Figment captain Glynn Loftin of Swansboro and angler Kyle Culpepper of Wilmington combined to bring a 439-pound Blue Marlin to the scales Wednesday to give boat owner Mickey Corcoran, New Bern, the inaugural tournament lead.Continue reading “The Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament”

Fishing derby aids water rescue organization

  The volunteers of Smith Point Sea Rescue, based in Reedville, have pulled people from the water after vessels capsized, found lost boaters all across the Chesapeake Bay and rescued folks from dead batteries, failed engines and groundings hundreds of times over 35 years. – Fishing derby aids water rescue organization Reedville Bluefish DerbyContinue reading “Fishing derby aids water rescue organization”

I’ll Have the Striper, Hold the Blues

Early June is a wonderful time to fish for striped bass. The long daylight hours allow us plenty of time to go fishing, while the cool water temperatures fend off the bluefish. Not to say they aren’t fun to catch, but each requires slightly different tackle. It’s simply a matter of the leader material, wireContinue reading “I’ll Have the Striper, Hold the Blues”

Weekly So. Md. Fishing Report – Southern Maryland Headline News

  Croaker are in the rivers in good numbers. Jim McDermott and Rusty Thompson launched their boat at the Point Lookout State Park Saturday morning and ventured just outside the pound net stakes in Cornfield Harbor (about a mile from the boat ramp). In about 28 feet of water they lowered their double hook bottomedContinue reading “Weekly So. Md. Fishing Report – Southern Maryland Headline News”

Grand Opening of the BUCKROE Fishing Pier

Witnessing history in the making is a cool experience. This weekend, I did just that. I was invited to co-host with Captain Don Lancaster on his radio show “Fishing Tidewater,” as he covered the grand opening of the new Buckroe Fishing Pier in Hampton, Virginia. The original pier was destroyed in Hurricane Isabel in 2003.Continue reading “Grand Opening of the BUCKROE Fishing Pier”

Genmar files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Genmar Holdings, the second-largest boatbuilder in the US, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday. A petition filed in the US Bankruptcy Court in Minnesota listed the assets of the company as US$237.5m, with liabilities of US$216.5m. Genmar chairman Irwin Jacobs told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that the the bankruptcy petition does not include moreContinue reading “Genmar files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection”