Boater’s World parent company files for Chapter 11

The more than 90-year-old company added the Boater’s World chain in the late 1980s, and said it “proved to be a positive contributor to the company’s profitability for a number of years and generated a positive cash flow through 2007.” Boater’s World parent company files for Chapter 11

Genmar enters wind turbine market

  Genmar announced today that it has entered new markets with its VEC technology. It has started manufacturing blades for the wind energy market. Genmar is also building special containers for the US Army National Guard. It recently received US$1.5 million for an initial test order, and delivered the first VEC containers last week. Genmar…

Twin Vee boats files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The builder of center console catamarans has also been evicted from its manufacturing facilities by Twin Vee's founder, Roger Dunshee, who says the company still owes him US$200,000 in back rent. Dunshee sold his majority share in the company in 2003 to Tampa-based investment firm Stonehenge Capital Co. for an undisclosed sum. Twin Vee boats…

Virginia Pilot Catches of the Week

Blueline tilefish Julie Ball, Virginia Beach, 13-8, Norfolk Canyon. James Beale, Virginia Beach, 12-0, Norfolk Canyon. Steven Clements, Virginia Beach, 11-14, Norfolk Canyon. Shaun Curl, Chesapeake, 10-6, Norfolk Canyon. Steve Davis, Virginia Beach, 11-2, Norfolk Canyon. Johnnie Herbert, Virginia beach, 10-11, Norfolk Canyon. James Humphrey, Virginia Beach, 10-15, Norfolk Canyon. Stephen Kendall, Suffolk, 11-8, Norfolk…

Va. agencies tie into fishing line recycling effort

Fishing line is one of the most important tools in the sport. Trouble is, it needs to be changed regularly - leaving the problem of what to do with the old stuff. Va. agencies tie into fishing line recycling effort | |