RE: My post on the IDEA League & many thanks!!!!

  Thanks David and Max and everyone involved.  My wife has taught and spent time with this special little girl, so this really hits home.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, make more people aware of her problems.  David, you and Max our true winners in my opinion, andContinue reading “RE: My post on the IDEA League & many thanks!!!!”

Kennedy Dumps Fuel into Nantucket Sound

  Breaking from Kennedy Dumps Fuel into Nantucket Sound The local photographer was so shocked by the oil slick coming from Kennedy’s yacht Mya that he rowed his dinghy out to question the crew member left aboard. Ted Kennedy Joins Deck of Weasels This e-mail was sent by: Newsmax.com4152 West Blue Heron Blvd, SteContinue reading “Kennedy Dumps Fuel into Nantucket Sound”